Welcome to my site!

My name is K Ling, I am of chinese descent born in Malaysia. I have been living in the United Kingdom over last 20 years. I have a garden attached to the house about 90ft long in North London. In my spare time I love gardening therefore I would like to share my love of gardening. I have started gardening after moving in to this garden in North London. Having cleared and got on top of the brambles and slugs under control. On my first year of gardening I hardly use the borders as they were full of slugs I planted my plants in the pot?!! Then I decided to get on top of the slugs by using chemical control in which i found the most effective but not at all organic or environmentally friendly. So that’s the story of how I started gardening on a nutshell….All of the pictures here taken by me in my garden and the rest of it as well.

As the blog grew I decided to venture into recipes and maker subjects as I love making as well as gardening. I love dressmaking as a child still love it. I have never overly keen on tailoring and such as it requires one to be incredibly precise. Oh yes, I have done the courses, done the apprenticeship at places like Savile Row to know all about it. I am rather too airy fairy for it. I love buying and collecting fabrics though. I love other stuff as well like knitting, printing my own fabrics and recently making my own wallpaper. Surface printing they call it. I love colours and love to create things using colours.